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Corporate Connections

 The Corporate World is changing more than ever this past year, and one of the challenging aspects of working in this new environment is keeping that personal connection between colleagues. That's where we LOVE to help! We want to help comradery, connections and morale by spreading joy to your employees! 

In place of large conferences and office gatherings, sending a bright cheerful Care Package right to their door will boost their morale, and help them feel more valued by your company! 

Office Birthdays can also still be celebrated as well! We can make celebrating their birthdays easy too! Send us their Birthday Calendar, and we'll automatically do the rest, and ship them a birthday celebration right to their door!  We can customize and build the care packages just how you'd like them, including your custom logo inside! 

Our gifts aren't like so many others, we want the recipient to be intrigued from the moment our bright colorful box shows up at their doorstep! Most people are used to brown boxes making a regular appearance nowadays, but our box will stand out from the start! Personalizing each box just how you'd like helps show them just how much you care and value them. We even do virtual happy hour boxes (alcohol not included)! So, plan that virtual happy hour, or conference and we can make it more fun, and bring you together from afar with our custom corporate care packages!

 Please contact us at corporate@carepackagedepot.com for your Corporate Care Order, and we will get started on making You the Company to work for! 


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