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Less Work, More LOVE!

   "What the World Really Needs is more LOVE, and less Paperwork"!  This quote really spoke to me, back in the day when I started my medical career the paperwork was minimal.....nowadays there is SO MUCH Paper/computer work!! I wish that we could spend 100% of our time with patients, helping, but unfortunately the paperwork is in abundance!  

  This daily realization is one reason I LOVE doing my business! I want to help YOU spread the LOVE, with less of the work! We all need to spread more love to one another, and the easier I can make it on you to send love to someone you care about, brings me serious joy!   

  You can order your care package with a few simple clicks, whether you are picking from one of our pre-made care packages, or building your own custom care package.... all it takes is a few simple clicks!! Pick the greeting card of your choice, write your message (did you know that we don't have any text limits on our messages!?! My love language is Words of Affirmation... so I want to make sure you write ALL the things in your heart for that special person), and we'll do the rest!

  I want you to have more time for the important things in life, spending time with those you love, and spreading love to those that you can't be with right now!! Every box ordered and shipped out brings us so much joy, and seeing others spread love to others absolutely warms our hearts!!  Happy Valentines 2021 to you and your people! 

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