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Make S'more Memories!

This has been QUITE a week here in Texas, as if 2020 wasn't enough of an "adventure", 2021 has really started out with a Bang!! While there were many challenges during this time; no electricity, subzero temps, no heat, limited water, we always try to make memories (the good kind), and make an adventure out of these "life events" as best we can. 


Some of our warmest moments this last week were when we were bundled up outside running around having snowball fights with the kids and making S'mores in the fireplace!

We were hit with an Epic Winter Storm, now I have lived in New England, so have been through a few storms, however Texas is not prepared for this kind of thing, no snow plows to be seen, no salt trucks, and the power/electrical issues, pipes and plumbing here are not made for extreme cold.


We were without power and heat for hours and then would have between 7-10 minutes of electricity every few hours (which we were SO thankful for), and we learned how much you can get done in those few minutes from the second you hear the "click" of the electricity turning on, and everyone jumps into action, until the sudden onset eerie quiet that signals the power and heat are gone for who knows how long.   We were immensely thankful that we had a fireplace, had firewood, warm clothes, food and would get a few minutes of power every once in a while, as many were not.  
We sell this amazing Gourmet S'mores kit in our Build Your Own Boxes, and as we were making s'mores in our fireplace this week with my family while the inside of the house was in the 40's, it made me realize just WHY I love s'mores so much! 


They taste amazing of course... especially Ticket Chocolates Gourmet kit, they are the best s'mores we have ever had!! But, aside from the amazing taste bud experience, it's the memories made that REALLY make them a favorite for me. 


 The memories made sitting around a campfire, stove top, firepit... or fireplace in the middle of SNOWMAGEDDON.... making s'mores forces everyone to put the electronics down, sit close to one another waiting for those marshmallows to be just to your liking (I'm all about the fire burnt ones),  all while enjoying the company of one another. THIS is what memories are made of!
The conversations, the togetherness and the warmth, hopefully. 


When you give the gift of a S'mores kit in your Care Package to someone, it's more than just the treat itself, you truly are giving them the gift of making memories for a lifetime, moments that wouldn't have otherwise happened. I find it so special that we can do this for one another, help make good memories for each other in this way, and we are so thankful you let us play a small part in making those memories too! 
Though the busted pipes, lack of electricity, bone chilling cold with no heat inside memories of this week will hopefully fade for many, we hope that neighbors helping one another, friends and family reaching out to each other, and making memories with the ones you love one way or another will be what is remembered for most. Our hearts ache for all of those who have lost and hurt during these times. We also want to thank all the essential workers who worked so hard for others and our hearts go out to everyone affected by this disaster. 
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