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Products with a Meaning

      Here at Care Package Depot, I spend a lot of time thinking about and creating our boxes, and choosing the products to include in them. I love finding unique and interesting items that will bring people JOY!   I LOVE selecting products that support small businesses, woman owned businesses, ones that are eco-friendly and ones that do social good. It brings me so much Joy when I can find amazing products that support companies doing amazing things for our world... especially during these very uncertain times!

    With many of our included products there is so much more to the item than the physical object, we are excited to share in the upcoming weeks, the story behind many of our favorites... and why we choose to include them in our boxes.  I also try to find those special products that aren't sold with many of the bigger operations, that way each customer is getting a truly unique experience as they open up their box of JOY! 

  Each Box not only brings the person receiving it JOY, but it's also giving JOY to the businesses we buy from, the people in that business, and the recipients of their good deeds! Let's find ways to support one another, lift each other up and Together we can make this world a better place, one box at a time!!!



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