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Pandemic Relationships

 Two years into this pandemic, it is hard to comprehend just how many changes in our lives have occurred for pretty much everyone living on this Earth. Relationships have been impacted in huge ways, there are likely none that have been untouched by some aspect of the pandemic, the politics and all the other unexpected challenges and even some benefits of what the last two years has brought to our lives. 

 Though there have been numerous challenges, road blocks, heartaches, stressors and more, I truly believe that this time has made many people come to the realization of how important certain relationships are in their lives, to spend the time/effort on those that bring value to their life. However, the distance, isolation, and quarantine challenges have made it more difficult than ever to actually spend quality time with those in our lives that we would like. As a busy working mom, I realized that was a challenge pre-pandemic, and the last two years has only amplified all of those challenges. 



Two years is a LONG TIME for anyone, but my heart aches especially for those that are of advanced age, or those battling an illness or other challenges, facing the isolation, weighing the risks of isolating, or not, and their own mortality and life clock on their minds, healthcare workers, and essential workers of all types. Time is so, so precious, and finding a way to connect with others during this time is crucial for everyone! Letting others know that they are valued, loved, respected, and thought about always makes such a positive impact, but now it holds even more weight, and is more important than ever no matter how big or small the gesture of kindness is!

We have all gone through more challenges that we ever imagined this last two years and the future is more uncertain than ever.  No matter what the next days, weeks, months and years bring our way, we are here to try and make it easier for YOU to spread the love, positive vibes and thoughts to one another. We love that every order is unique as the individual receiving it, and every order truly makes this world a better place! We are grateful that we have been able to play a part in helping with personal and corporate connections during these times. Seeing the amazing, positive, inspiring personal messages ship out to people all over the world, truly brings us joy daily! 

 We thank you for trusting us with these important moments in your lives, and letting us help you stay connected with one another, whether it's work related, or personal relationships, we are here to help you show them just how important they are in your lives! We can change this world, for the better, one box at a time!

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