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See the Good

  To quote Mr Rogers: "Look for the helpers, and you'll know there is hope".  It's no secret that times are strange right now, and hard in SOOO many ways for SO many people. One of the reasons I started this company was that in my medical career I see so many tough times, it can be quite heavy at times, and to now be able to also help spread smiles and joy lifts me every single day!  

    I was packing my Care Packages the other day, and my husband noticed something..... I had a big smile on my face as I was reading the notes that customers are writing to one another. I print them out on the greeting cards they have chosen, and get to play a part in delivering joy to others during this time. With every single care package I pack, I get to see the good in people, the love, the friendship, the concern, the helping.  It makes my soul so happy to see others helping each other, lifting each other up, and spreading joy and kindness to one another.

  I feel so blessed with every single box that is shipped out.. that someone's day will be lightened, changed, improved when they simply know that someone else is thinking about them... and a smile is delivered to me as well, during all of these uncertain times, to see that SO much good is out there, people are kind and loving to one another. Everyone plays a part in making this world a better place, and with every effort I get to witness first hand brings a big smile to my face.  

So, Thank you for spreading Joy, Love, Kindness to one another during these times.. Thank you for taking the time to let another person know you care.. and Thank you for allowing me to play a part in lifting one another up... Let's all see the good around us, and make this world a better place.. Hugs to everyone! 

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