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Start 2022 Off Right!

Ok, so 2020 didn't exactly go as we had all planned... and well, 2021 seemed to have followed a little too closely in it's footsteps, SO, Let's do what we can to start the NEW YEAR 2022 off better and set the tone for a well deserved (for all man-kind) BEST Year yet!!!   


We LOVE boxes that are uplifting, motivational and inspirational with not only the contents in each Care Package, but just the fact that someone takes the time to custom-build a gift for that special person can really move mountains! Near or far, let them know you're thinking of them, wishing them a great 2022 in any way you're able! We'd love to be here to help make spreading kindness and inspiration and just good vibes easier for YOU!


The more people we can help get started on the right foot for this near year, the more joy it brings us! This world needs all the help it can get right now, and we can all play a part in making it better!

Our favorite Care Packages are our Build Your Own Boxes, as you can meet your price point and select every single item for that person in your life for a truly customizable experience. Here are some great Build Your Own Care Packages clients have Built and shipped out to spread joy around the world! 

We loved how inspirational this Build Your Own Care Package was! Under normal circumstances it can be so hard to juggle ALL the things, however the last two years has made almost everything more challenging! Having a nice reminder that we can do it can really make all the difference!
The following Build Your Own Care Package was custom-built by a client and they sure packed it with all sorts of amazing goodies! From relaxing spa items, an inspirational ceramic mug they can use as a daily reminder, to the cute makeup bag. When someone inspires you, how often do you tell them? We should tell anyone that inspires us that they are making a difference in our lives. We never know how much that person needs to hear it, and it may just make SUCH a big difference in their day, in their lives! Plus, when we feel we are making a difference for others, we are more likely to let other's know the same.. it's a great cycle of positivity that will surely help get 2022 started on the right foot!  
This Build Your Own Care Package is not only inspirational, but had such a great theme! From the Cheers Card, to the Hot Toddy, Champagne swig, and motivational canvas journal, it was so thoughtfully created! How could the recipient not feel loved when getting this?
This is one of our Favorite Greeting cards: "You Make the World a Better Place", the greeting card is the FIRST thing customers see when they open their Care Package, it almost doesn't matter what's inside after reading that card that someone took the time to send you! Of course we want to fill the Care Package with lots of goodies too, like this client did! That Pumpkin Spice Soy candle btw, fills the room up, and is absolutely amazing! Also, in the center of the box is a beautiful sunflower - it is the most gorgeous edible Lollipop with gold flecks in it, and tastes amazing too!
We Loved all the bright cheerful colors the client picked for this Care Package!  The colorful Journal states "Cheer on others. There's enough Sunshine for everyone", it warms our hearts, and we wish everyone could go about their daily lives with this in mind! The pin states "This girl is going to change the world", we just LOVE this! It feels good to have someone in your corner, cheering you on, even with the smallest gesture, it makes SUCH a difference!
We also believe that Corporate Gifting for the new year can send the positive message that so many employees need during these times! Show your colleagues that this year will be the year that all the things get easier, more cheerful, brighter and bring teams together! They will feel more valued to know that someone is thinking about them AND their future in your company! Happy Employees equal increased productivity and improved employee retention (which everyone needs right now), so let us help you start 2022 off right! For Corporate Connections orders please contact corporate@carepackagedepot.com to work with one of our corporate gifting experts to make the perfect Motivational Care Package for your team!
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