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Why is a Wildflower Seed Packet Always Included in Every Box?

    Some people may wonder why in every single box we always include a packet of Wildflower Seeds, there is a great reason, as we are hoping to improve our world, one box at a time!

   Every Box contains an Operation Pollination Honeybee friendly Wildflower seed packet, in hopes that people all around will get outside and spread some Joy to our environment!  Operation Pollination by the Naked Bee Company works to spread awareness of the importance of honeybees and other pollinators to our environment.  Scientist have found the honeybee population has been steadily declining over the past few years, they are leaving behind hives and dying out. Scientists are constantly studying the causes, and trying to spread awareness. Without Bees and other pollinators everything from fruits, nuts, vegetables, flowers and all sorts of vegetation can't survive. 

   We think that getting outside in itself helps bring people joy, but getting outside AND doing good for our world is even better!!  We also believe that EVERYONE can make a difference, and every little step helps! If we all help a little, that can make a BIG change for this beautiful world we live in!! So Spread some JOY today!! 





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