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About Us

Hello! My name is Kelly, and I am the founder of Care Package Depot; I have spent over 20 years in the medical field and have witnessed first-hand all too many challenges and sorrows that so many must face. Having to deliver difficult news more times than I'd like to remember,  I decided that everyone in this world needs more joy, and I wanted to make it easier for us all to spread the love to one another.  I believe that as much as people need to receive joy, it's also extremely fulfilling to spread it to others and lift each other up. 

As a busy working mom, with the everyday hustle and bustle,  I know just how difficult it can be to find the time to get it all done. So, I searched for a way to help others to easily spread joy to one another, after all - every gesture of kindness makes this world a better place, and the world needs more positivity during these times especially;  then the idea for Care Package Depot was born.   

More than just the objects received in a gift, just knowing that someone cares and is thinking about you enough to send a gift can truly lift spirits, provide much needed courage, and improve one’s outlook no matter the challenge!  That’s why we include a custom card of your choice in every box, included with your personal message,  as we believe that the personal touch is a crucial part of every gift we deliver. 

I also love finding ways to help the environment and supporting companies that  do social good as well. Included in every box is an Operation Pollination wildflower seed packet, in hopes that everyone receiving a box of joy, can help spread joy to the environment by planting these seeds and helping our worlds Honeybee Population and help keep this world beautiful! All of our boxes are recyclable as well! We also source our products from many small businesses that are playing a part in improving our world.

Whatever the reason, or no reason at all, we would love to help you  and make it easier for you to deliver joy to others, as it is our mission is to Spread Joy One Box at a Time!

Say goodbye to ordinary brown boxes showing up on their doorstep- our boxes arrive in bright, colorful, cheerful boxes that intrigue them from the minute they land on their porch! If you don't find exactly what you need, or have someone who has special requirements, please contact us so we can get something extra special together for you! 


Our Family has a Map Pinning Tradition with our business, we place a pin everywhere our Boxes have been delivered to spread joy! Not only is this exciting to see all the places, but also a great Geography lesson for the kids!!

 As they say, with a small business: With every order a real person does a happy dance, and that is true for this business indeed!!! Thank you for letting us help you spread joy, especially in these times, when everyone can use extra joy!! 

We sure appreciate you and your support of our business, helping others, encouraging others, and just playing a part in making this world a better place!! 

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