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Grill & Chill Box
Grill & Chill Box
Grill & Chill Box
Grill & Chill Box
Grill & Chill Box
Grill & Chill Box
Grill & Chill Box
Grill & Chill Box
Grill & Chill Box
Grill & Chill Box
Grill & Chill Box
Grill & Chill Box
Grill & Chill Box
Grill & Chill Box
Grill & Chill Box
Grill & Chill Box
Product image 1Grill & Chill Box
Product image 2Grill & Chill Box
Product image 3Grill & Chill Box
Product image 4Grill & Chill Box
Product image 5Grill & Chill Box
Product image 6Grill & Chill Box
Product image 7Grill & Chill Box
Product image 8Grill & Chill Box
Product image 9Grill & Chill Box
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Product image 16Grill & Chill Box

Grill & Chill Box

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Our Grill & Chill box is full of a great variety of goodies that are sure to make them smile over and over again! Pick out the greeting card of your choice, once added to cart, we'll include your personal message, and ship it to his door for FREE! 

This Box Includes: 
  • 1 Beer Ale Soap - what guy doesn't want soap made with real beer!?!
  • 1 Gustus Vitae Ultimate Gourmet BBQ Rub- this garlicy, slightly spicy, slightly tangy, and all delicious seasoning that's built for the grill. It is just the ticket for seasoning and marinating, rubbing and sprinkling. It also has a MAGNETIC BASE!
  • 1 Gustus Vitae Jalepeno Sea salt*** Sweet and Spicy Kentucky Kick is OUT OF STOCK*** - From the Bluegrass State comes a uniquely sweet and spicy seasoning, right at home on the BBQ and equally comfortable giving a burst of flavor to sides like potatoes or asparagus, livening up simple garden salads, and transforming simple dishes like corn on cob to supper standouts. We love the mix of sweet and heat with this seasoning - just the right amount to accelerate the flavor of whatever you're grilling, baking, roasting, smoking or sautéing. It also has a MAGNETIC BASE!!
  • 1 Gustus Vitae Smokey Lonestar Spice- From the great State of Texas comes Stacy Petty's Smoky Lonestar Spice, a uniquely delicious and versatile addition to the Taste of The States lineup. Built from the ground up for the grill with rich, smoky BBQ notes throughout, this gourmet seasoning is tempered with a sprinkling of artisan coconut sugar for sweetness, contrasting the heat from the chipotle and crushed red peppers. It also has a MAGNETIC BASE!
  • 1 Gustus Vitae Herbed Truffle Seasoning- This is one for all seasons: whether you're marinating some chops for the grill, tossing with some veggies before roasting, or simply sprinkling on popcorn for movie night, this uniquely delicious seasoning goes with darn near everything. Our gourmet Herbed Truffle Seasoning is perfect for rimming a Bloody Mary, making the ultimate in baked potatoes, and our secret ingredient in a mashed cauliflower - you'll swear you're having the best mashed potatoes of your life. It also has a MAGNETIC BASE!!
  • Holm Made Sweet and Savory Hazelnuts -  Gluten free and SOOO Yummy!
  • 1 Bumbleberry Cinnamon Stick Honey Cream Spread- put this on ANYTHING, and it's amazing!
  • 1 Bumbleberry Sea Salt Caramel Spread - this spread is hard to stop eating, and with an 8oz Jar, you can enjoy it for a long time!
  • 1 Box Candied Pecans - brewcraft crackers no longer in production
  • 1 Willa's Shortbread Cookies - a classic staple, and oh so satisfying!
  • 1 Greeting Card of your choice (pick once you add Box to cart), we'll include your personal message!

And of course one Operation Pollination Honeybee friendly Wildflower seed packet! Get outside and spread some JOY to our environment, plant these seeds to help our honeybee population!


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