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Hangry No More Box

Hangry No More Box

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Know someone affected by this condition? Make sure and advert this situation, For Your Sake and Theirs, with this box full of treats and snacks that have a lasting effect in their belly, and mood! 

We have packed this box FULL of satisfying Goodies! This Box Includes:

  • 1 Devour Sharp Cheddar  Mac and Cheese with BACON- easy to make dinner  kit
  • 1 EPIC 100% Grass-fed Free Range Venison Bar- Gluten free, 15G protein
  • 1 Mighty Muffin Cup - Packed with Protein and Probiotics- ready in 30 seconds!
  • 1 Filed Trip Beef Jerky Stick- No Antibiotics, No added Hormones, Soy Free, Premium Beef, Grass Fed. 
  • 1 RX Bar- Gluten Free, flavors may vary
  • 2 Made Good Granola Mixes- Nut Free, Organic, Dairy Free
  • 1 Country Archer Beef Stick- Made with 100% Grass Fed Beef, 0G Sugar, Gluten Free
  • 1 Annie's Mac and Cheese Cup - Organic Real Aged Cheddar, No Artificial Colors or Flavors
  • 2 Clif Bars - Made With Organic Oats
  • 2 packets Organic Nature's Garden Health Mix's 
  • Contents may vary slightly based on availability

And of course one Operation Pollination Wildflower Seed Packet, Plant these seeds to help our Honeybee Population!

 **Not for children under 3 - choking hazard**

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